About staff

Our staff
We have a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff who are experts in Landlord eviction. Our aim is to get your property back to re-let, liaise with the tenants on your behalf and get problem tenants out as soon as possible. We have over sixteen years experience and have dealt with many cases of problem tenants, rent arrears, serving notices 8 and 21 and applying to the courts for possession orders.

Success Stories/Case Studies
James from Bolton
I needed help to evict two tenants who moved into my flat. At first they seemed like the ideal tenants they paid their rent on time. However, after a few months they failed to pay their rent on time as agreed. Regain Your Property advised me on my next steps and they served a section 21 notice on my behalf. The tenants continued to not pay and a possession order was granted by the courts. As a busy landlord and working full time Regain Your Property helped me get my flat back to re-let. It was worth it.

Adhita from Manchester
I`d let my house to a woman and her two children. My relationship with them broke down after they were making trouble with the neighbours playing music at all hours. They eventually stopped paying the rent. I`d contacted my solicitor who wanted to charge a very high fee. I`d heard about Regain and contacted them for help. They organised a section 21 and a possession order, the tenants still failed to move out after the date given by the courts. Regain organised Bailiffs for me and after a stressful few months I finally got my house back.

Adam from Ashton-under-lyne
I rented my house for let to a couple with two children at the time they seemed like the ideal tenants. Problems occurred when the couple separated and they stopped paying the rent. I contacted Regain Your Property and they sent out a professional written warning letter. This was all it took to get them to sort their act out and rent getting paid on time.