Professional Warning Letter
We will send a professional warning letter on your behalf. We can write a letter on the following violations, rent arrears, damage to your property, nuisance to neighbours and pets. Sometimes a warning letter is all it takes to warn the tenant of their violations. For more information call one of our advisors for FREE on our advice line 0800 085 6781 or email
Professional Warning Letter £25 sent by first class post


Eviction Notices
We will draft and serve an eviction notice on your behalf. Either a Section 8 or Section 21 notice. We will serve the Notices on the tenant(s) by First Class Post.
A section 8 is used when the tenant has broken part of the tenancy agreement. The most common are non-payment of rent, breaches within the terms of the tenancy agreement, for example, damage to the property, nuisance to neighbours and pets. The landlord will need to provide evidence that a breachment has occurred to the courts. For more information call one of our advisors for Free on our advice line 0800 085 6781 or email
Section 8 £69 per notice
Section 21

There are two types of section 21 notices You should make sure that You serve the right one. In order for us to draft and serve a notice on your behalf we will need some information from you. Call us or fill out our short enquiry form. We will also send you copies of all the documents we send your tenant. Call us Now for more information dont delay as delays are costly.
Section 21 £69 per notice


Step 3
Court Order
Apply to the courts for a possession order. If a tenant has not left or resolved issues by the expiry date of the notice we shall prepare the case for the courts to grant possession of the property. We can assist you through the court process if your tenant files a defence and requests a court hearing. We will prepare all relevant paperwork.
£295(not including court fee)
Accelerated possession.
Once we have been granted a possession order by the county courts we can transfer the case to the high court for a much faster eviction.


Step 4
County Court Bailiff (Warrant For Possession)
Once the possession order has been granted by the court and the tenant has still failed to vacate the property by the given date then a bailiff will be organised to get the tenant(s) out. We can also organise a high court bailiff for urgent eviction.
£ 160 (not including court fee)


We can arrange for a locksmith to come to your property to change All the locks if you require this service.
Price will vary


Rent Arrears and Debt Recovery
Landlords should stay on top of rent payments being made by keeping check on standing orders or direct debit being made on time and in full. If payment has not been made then you should contact your tenant within 3 days. Further to this if rent has still been unpaid then you need to have proof and records of the arrears for example, bank statement. We would advise reference a place of property address or one of the tenants is stated and payments on bank standing order. If your tenant has fallen into rent arrears you must prepare for the eviction process to regain your property and to recover rent arrears.

Energy Performance Certificate became a legal requirement on the 6th April 2008 by the Government. The certificate lasts for 10 years. We can advise you and assist you in obtaining an EPC for your property. Call one of our advisors for more information on a EPC. £95

Deposit Scheme
Deposit Scheme is a legal requirement that a Landlord has to follow if they take a deposit off the tenant(s) and are using a government approved scheme. A landlord should always protect their deposit and within 30 days of receiving it. If you fail to do so, this could be very costly in the future. For more information and advice on the Deposit Scheme call one of our advisors.

We can help support you with future tenants and tenancy agreements made to legal requirements. We can do credit checks on future tenants. Support and advise you on the deposit scheme and energy performance certificates. Call one of our advisors today.

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