Terms and Conditions

Regain Your Property Terms and Conditions.

Our Fees include VAT but not court fees and Court Fees do change overtime.

Step 1

Professional warning letter

£25 The letter will be sent by first class post.

Step 2

Section-8/ section 21- Notices £69

Section-8/ section 21- Notices £69 per notice. This includes assessing your case, advice and serving the notice(s) by first class post to the tenant (s). A non-rent related section 8 should include grounds other than the rent related ones i.e. grounds 8, 10 and 11. Please note cases can be difficult if there is no tenancy agreement, the deposit was not protected and there is a lack of evidence when needed when going to court. Similarly, a standard section- 21 accelerated procedure can be used in a case if it does not comply with the following rules, it was an oral agreement, a missing agreement and the landlord made changes to the original it will then require a hearing at the county courts

Section 8 and 21 extras for special cases
The fee may be higher in certain special cases for example

  • Problem with paperwork – If the tenancy agreement was changed either orally or you have lost the agreement then a witness statement will be needed.
  • Non-rent related section 8 – Grounds other than rent then a witness statement is needed. Grounds 8, 10 and 11)
  • The landlord does not attend the court hearing then one of our advocates can attend on their behalf or a witness statement needs to be drafted.
  • Over 2 years rent arrears – A witness statement must be drafted
  • A statement of service- If we did not serve your notice and you do not have a statement of service then we will organize one for you.

Our fees are fixed for step 1 ,2 and 3. Step 3 and 4 do not include court fees. However not all events can be accounted for and additional charges may apply, we will always discuss this with you beforehand. This tends to happen in court proceedings.

Step 3

Court Order

Apply to the County court £295 this does not include the court fee.
We will Transfer the High Court for Accelerated Possession, £ 175 we will transfer the case to the high court
Please note if you lose or discontinue a case you are likely to be ordered to pay the tenants legal cost, if any. If you win your possession claim, the courts may order your tenant to pay a fixed cost fee set out under the civil procedures rules. This fee can change at times.

Step 4

County court bailiff
£160 not including court fee once the possession order has been granted by the court and the tenant has failed to vacate the property by the given date then a bailiff will be organised to get the tenant out. We can also organise a high court bailiff for urgent eviction cost will vary.

Extra services
We offer the following service as an optional extra

We can advise and assist you in obtaining an EPC for your property. An energy performance certificate is a legal requirement for all landlords. Prices will vary.

Deposit Scheme
Deposit scheme is a legal requirement through a government approved scheme we can advise you on getting this right.

Credit Checks
We can do credit checks on your behalf for future tenants prices vary.

We can organise an Advocate for you for prices and information please contact us.

Regain Your Property terms of business
Regain your Property are not Solicitors. The services we offer are to support you and advise you on rent arrears and regaining possession of your property. We will serve notices on your behalf with the information you have provided us. It is the customers responsibility to provide relevant and accurate information. Our aim is to provide a professional service and to get your matter resolved successfully however we cannot guarantee outcomes and time scales. However, we will always advise you on possible timings and updates via email. We will keep in contact with you and make you aware of any information that may affect your case. Generally, communication is via email but we can call you in urgent matters. If information provided is inaccurate or false, then we will not be responsible if the case/claim fails or is set aside. It is your responsibility to provide the name of the owner of the property if it is different from the landlord. This can affect the claim and fees maybe incurred and the case may get dismissed. It is your responsibility to have the deposit insured correctly as if this is not it will affect your claim and will need to be restarted. We can take no responsibility if you provide the wrong information, wrong spelling and wrong dates. If the case needs to be restarted, you will have to re pay the fees and start the process again. Our terms and conditions or the use of our website are subject to change without notice.

Dealing with your matter
For section -8 – If the property is in disrepair the courts may have to adjourn the case and this will cost you more and the process will take much longer. It is your responsibility to let us know if there are any issues with disrepair.

It is paramount that you always provide the right information and that the notices are drafted and served correctly as one mistake can affect the whole process. Wrong notices will fail. We will check and make sure it is in the correct format but any wrong information provided by you is not our fault. You should provide all the relevant information about yourself and the tenant(s).

If the case goes to court, then the landlord or an appointed representative must attend. Some letting agents may attend on the landlords behalf. Whoever attends must have full knowledge of the case, i.e., the tenancy, the tenancy agreement with them and up to date arrears schedule with them. Regain Your Property will email or write to you with the court date, time and location of the hearing. Please note that if you are seeking a possession order for rent arrears and the tenant pays the balance on the arrears then you are very unlikely to get a possession order. We can organise an advocate for you, fees and conditions do apply.

Bailiff eviction
If the tenant does not leave by the expiry date of the possession order. A bailiff can be used to carry out an eviction. The landlord or appointed agent will have to be outside the property otherwise the Bailiff will not be able to approach the property. We will organise the bailiff on your behalf although we will not be held responsible if the bailiff fails to attend, cancels or comes late. If the tenant causes any disruption or if there is a breach of the peace, you can ask the police for help. The landlord may receive a Courts risk assessment form it is your responsibility to fill it out and we can send it to the bailiff for you, failure to do this may result in cancellation of the bailiff attending. For a High Court Bailiff, you will pay us for our fee to transfer the case to the high court. Further charges may apply directly to the bailiff for example, if the bailiff should attend for more than the specified period of time, this may be an hourly charge.

Customer care
You will receive copies of all correspondence if you wish. We will always endeavour to respond to your calls and emails within two working days and for urgent matters we will get back to you straight away.

Fees and payment
All payments should be made into our bank account or cheques should be made payable to South Park Property Management Ltd. Work will not commence until the funds have cleared into the account. We do not accept cash. It is unlikely that an error should occur on our part but if it does we will refund you.

Confidentiality is very important to us. We will not share your personal information only with staff and those dealing with your case and we correspond with landlords and agents named on the case, bailiffs and the courts, solicitors involved if any in the case and advocates and the tenant. If we suspect any illegal activity, we will have to inform police and other authorities.

Data protection and storage
The data protection act requires us to tell you that we have your details on our database. We may use the details to send you information on services. We will also keep a file of your completed case in storage for a minimum of 7 years. The files will be shredded after 7 years if however, you want your file there will be a small charge.

Termination of services
You can end the service at any time but you must inform us in writing. You must pay for all services that have been processed by us. If we have started work and the process was started you will not be refunded, for example, if you decide to terminate a bailiff request or step 3 after we applied to the courts you will not receive a refund. For step 1, if the warning letter has been sent there will be no refund. If you opted for step 2, serve a notice and the notice is invalid we will charge a fee for advising you and checking your documents. Any incorrect information provided by you is your responsibility and you will forfeit your fees. Any corrections that need to be changed must be made in writing if the previous information has been used you may have to start the entire process again. If a locksmith was organised and cancelled last minute you will not be refunded and for cancellations, we will refund the fee less an administrative fee of £55. Credit checks cannot be refunded. Refunds can take up to 28 days to process.

Social Media/Testimonials
We will seek your permission to use any testimonials on our website or social media before doing so we will ask permission via email or in writing for you to sign.

Complaints of service
We strive to give a great service to all our customers. If you do have a complaint about our service, please contact our administrative team on 08000-856-781 or email Info@regainyourproperty.co.uk If you are still not satisfied with how we deal with your complaint, you can contact the Legal Ombudsman at PO BOX 6806, Wolverhampton WV1 9WJ or email enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk .

Our Services and advice is only intended for England and Wales.

Contact us
If you need further information or clarification on any of the terms of business, please email
Or contact us at Head Office 24 Midland Street, Manchester, M12 6LB.08000-856-781

South Park Property Management Ltd T/A Regain Your Property Company Number 10428407.